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Visual Identity for the Solid Waste Master Plan: a colourful, stylized streetscape, consisting of a mix of buildings and oversized waste-related objects like garbage cans, bottles and milk containers.

Survey: What is important to YOU?

Today, the City has launched its first Solid Waste Master Plan survey. It allows everyone to share their thoughts and opinions about how Ottawa’s waste is managed today and in the future. The survey is kicking off a series of engagement opportunities; details about other activities such as virtual world cafés and focus groups will be made available in the coming weeks. Understanding residents’ priorities and level of commitment will help the project team recommend the most suitable long-term waste management options to Council. Once those options have been identified, the public will be asked for feedback again. The next survey is scheduled for late 2020/early 2021.

Vision: Where do we want to go?


During the month of May, Solid Waste Services’ Long-term Planning team hosted four online workshops for Councillors, key stakeholders and key City staff with expertise relevant to the Master Plan’s development. The purpose of the virtual exercises was to gather input for a vision statement. The vision will define where we want to be in 30 years. Some of the main questions put forward were: How bold and ambitious should we be? Can we aim for zero waste? How important is preserving landfill space? The survey on Engage Ottawa includes all residents in that process. Your feedback will help us craft the vision statement and determine a number of guiding principles to outline our beliefs and see us through the development of the Waste Plan. It will also feed into the Plan’s goals and objectives for Council’s consideration later this year.

Colourful painting of a head bursting with ideas

Engagement: What else is new?

So, you filled out the survey. Now what? Two new features on Engage Ottawa offer further engagement opportunities for those with a vested interest in waste issues. The Your Ideas tab is a place for collective brainstorming, while the Forums section enables residents to discuss their opinions with others. We are also regularly adding more content and information about various aspects of waste management to the project page, so check back often.

Did you know...?

Your recycling efforts make a difference! In 2019, about 56,000 tonnes of glass, metal, plastic, paper and cardboard collected from your homes were sorted here in Ottawa by Cascades Recovery+ and sold to North American markets. The materials became a resource for new products, and the City received approximately $6.9 million in revenue – a win-win for taxpayers and the environment.
Plastic recycling material, sorted and baled at the processing plant, ready for shipping.

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